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Real life supporting distributed robot system
boosted by 
EZSYS  A. I. modules

EZSYS Compact A.I. module gives life to our distributed robotic system for everyday human life service in various shape without precedent

D.T. ROBOT, which is brought to life by our  exclusive A.I. modules, provides greater convenience and safety to your daily life in various  shape or sometimes hidden

EZSYS AI module senses your gestures and feelings and responds accordingly to provide you with the small but necessary services.

World first user tracking multi-modal biometric system

EZSYS new multi-mode biometric identification system, which partially combines robotics and AI technology, uses special PAN, TILT and FOCUS mechanisms to track and locate the user IRIS to authenticate to, extending the convenience of IRIS AUTHENTICATION.
With the PTF mentioned above, QR code scanning and facial authentication have been newly added to the existing model, which has been verified by many large corporations field and government use for more than 3 years.

A.I. clerk for your shop

An artificial intelligence clerk installed on a window or door of your store monitors pedestrians passing by and attempts to grab their attention and view your store's advertisements. Ultimately they try to get in on the street. This will allow more customers to come to your store.

Robotic A. I  door control 

A new automatic door control system that opens the door by distinguishing between those passing by and those who are about to enter. Going further, try to grab the attention of anyone passing by your door and get them into your store.

Robotic walking aid stick with A. I.

The robot walking aid stick equipped with the EZSYS artificial intelligence module is designed in various shapes and optimized according to the purpose of use. Assists the elderly when going up and down stairs, walking of patients with leg injuries. Ultimately, we want to provide more safety and convenience to all walks.

The time has come for robots and A.I to appear everywhere in our daily lives. In everyday life, you get some kind of physical life support or interaction of physical forces, not just information or language.

We don't dream of a walking robot with a fully human appearance. It is not our profession. We focus on robots that respond to very specific human needs. Sometimes it will be in a hidden form and sometimes it will appear as part of what you already use. We call this a D.T. (distributed) robot. D.T. Robot detects very specific needs, especially those requiring physical strength, and seeks to service those needs.

Our Partners

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Are you ready to experience D.T. robot in your life?

We provide every design, survey and production for robot for your usage and our A.I. module will give life to the robot to feel you and react according to it.

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