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Real life supporting
distributed robot System
boosted by A. I. modules

Face tracking biometric gate control system with our A. I. and robotic control

EZSYS has been mass-producing iris recognition terminals for a long time in Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, and Nepal, as well as domestic sites of large corporations such as Pohang Steel and Daewoo E&C. In particular, the Indian government is a country where the entire population is registered with iris, and most of the products from the registration stage to the current certification stage are products produced by EZSYS.
Now, we have released a full-function multi-mode biometric recognition device that tracks and recognizes users, including facial recognition and QR scan, by applying robot and AI technology to the proven iris recognition device.

Door control A. I robot system

If you're a store owner, you don't want your front door to open every time people pass by your door plate. However, you'll want an automatic door that opens the door kindly for customers who intend to enter your store. Our A.I Robot Door will respond to these needs of yours. And you will wish our A.I. to grab the attention of passersby, pause and see the store promotions. So that more customers come into your store...

Robotic stick to aide the elder

With advances in medical technology, the human lifespan reaches 100 years, and the elderly population is increasing exponentially.
However, the human leg joints are the most difficult body organs to survive 100 years of service life.

When there is a problem with the knee, walking, the most basic human action, becomes a torment, which greatly impairs the quality of life than you think. And in fact, people with leg joint abnormalities have a very high mortality rate after injury.

The EZSYS AI walking aid cane is made for these desperate needs. Older people won't want to wear a suit that will make them look like Iron Man. And you'd be reluctant to wear a lower-body robot that would look like a Kentauros.

We want the little cane to give you this power as you climb up and down stairs, and when your legs need power.

With this pretty and handy design, this cane won't make you the same as before, but hopefully it will make your walk around the world more comfortable.

A.I. Shop clerk for better sales.

EZSYS A.I. Store associates are installed on the windows or doors of your store, constantly watching passersby pass by in front of your store, looking for potential customers to enter the store.
Further, the AI ​​staff will attempt to pause passersby's footsteps, have them see your store's advertisement, and ultimately try them to enter your store.

Case by Case
Situ by Situ
D.T. Robot 
to create new server for you

EZSYS is researching many new applications and requirements to meet the various applications and needs of the EZSYS AI Module and DT Robot concept. We want to sense people's behavior, feel people's emotions, and react best to them. In particular, we want to create a variety of DT robots that are helpful to people in areas that require the help of physical force.

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