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Our Mission

Technology evolves and evolves and we don't know how far it will go. No one now doubts that in the future we will see robot servants and housekeepers serving humans in our daily lives.

A.I. is talking to us in the form of a set-top installed in many homes and providing necessary information.

But right now, we don't see a robot that can physically interact with you, giving you some physical help. Unless you work for a very special institution. That is robots and A.I. are still in the phase of providing information in our life yet.

Now it is about time to see robots helping physically, not visually or verbally. And we are certain that we will see more and more abundant robots that are hidden or attached somewhere as part of other objects, rather than complete or standalone.  Therein lies our work and our vision. It is our vision to be a robot that helps you with the power we need, hidden in your daily life or as part of other products.
We call this D.T. It is called (Distributed) Robot. It is questionable whether this word selection has come across, but we express it this way.
We hope that our D.T. Robot, which reacts to humans behavior and feeling with our AI modules, will be an essential help to more people in various environments and purposes.

Our Story

EZSYS, long time with precision motion control, camera system and embedded system expert. We had created so many special purpose camera system for education, medical, security and bio-metric system. And firmware and soft ware capability completed our product to work standalone. Now we have artificial intelligence running in our small embedded system.  We are also quite good experience and knowledge for product design and mass manufacturing.. We are still maintain mass production  of biometric devices covering for many east asia countries including India, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal and etc. By the mass production capability, we have every aspect of product making. Now we want to integrate every technology we have to create and make D.T. robot for every day life and finding need of clients, even the need that the client himself don't know. We hope we can  serve to our client need and make them happy with us.

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